Volunteer Experiences

Here are a few of my volunteering experiences related to my field.

Carrot River Elementary School

I have volunteered on and off for years at the elementary school in my hometown. I have spent time in an EA position in many different classrooms, but mainly the grade 1 and 2 classrooms. This had given me great experience working directly with students and other teachers to really get familiar with daily routines, classroom management, assessment techniques such as doing miscue analysis’s with students, presentation preparation for Remembrance Day programs and Christmas Concerts, etc. This really got me comfortable with everything that goes on inside of the classroom in an Elementary School setting.

Seven Stones Community School

During my pursuit of my first Liberal Arts Degree, I took a few Social Work classes as I was trying to figure out what career direction to take. I was encouraged to volunteer at a place that seemed like a location that I would want to work in the future. I chose this Elementary School (as teaching must have been my true calling all along). In my volunteer EA type of position at this school, my eyes were really opened up to what it is like in a public school setting in the city. It was such a great experience working with the unique needs of so many different students from different backgrounds.

More to come…

I plan on continuing to be involved in my community in ways that increase my experience and knowledge relating to working with children and teaching.