Digital Learning Centre

Social Justice

Awareness & Activism

Welcome students! This is a digital learning centre where you will learn about social justice awareness and activism. I will go into detail all about what social justice awareness and activism looks like and then you will do the following activities to practice using this knowledge. Enjoy!

Social Justice Awareness

What is social justice?

Social justice is fairness within society – in healthcare, employment, housing, etc. for all.

What are the five principles of social justice?

The five principles of social justice are access to resources, equity (giving people what they need for best potential), participation, diversity, and human rights.

Why is social justice important?

Social justice is important for the safety and security of all because it fairly regulates human living. It creates the opportunity for all people to be comfortable, accepted, respected, and able to succeed.

Social Justice Activism

What is activism?

Activism is the action of speaking out publicly to bring about political or social change.

What can I do to create social change?

Actively participating in protesting for change with an over arching goal of social justice for all.

How can I spread awareness?

Educating yourself and others, speaking up, sharing resources and ideas, protesting/marches, helping others, becoming involved, standing up for what you believe in, etc.


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