Art Gallery

Here are my favourite paintings that I have created over the course of this inquiry project. Hope you enjoy!

Anybody can be an Artist

This was my final painting session of this inquiry project. I wanted to try something that would be a bit of a challenge. This was another one that was really different than anything I have tried before. As always, I found my inspiration on Pinterest. This had been something that I have been wanting to… Continue reading Anybody can be an Artist

Sunflowers for the Soul

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have struggled with my mental health a lot over the past couple months. When I sat down for this painting session I knew that I wanted to do something very bright and colourful and happy. I have genuinely seen huge improvements in my mental health when painting… Continue reading Sunflowers for the Soul


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Hi, I am Caitlin Kendall. I am a 5th year student at the University of Regina! Check out my About page for more information about me!

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