Teaching Philosophy


I will create a safe and inviting learning environment for all students to feel like they are seen, heard, valued, and like they belong. I believe that creating a welcoming, meaningful, and effective learning environment is essential for student success. I want to foster student creativity and understanding through inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, individual discovery, real world related projects, personal connections, etc. I will have resources, instructional/assessment strategies, special guests, etc. that connect with and encompass the vast backgrounds, interests, and personalities in my classroom. I will create strong relationships with each of my students so that I can do this in the most meaningful and effective way possible. 


I believe that instruction needs to be student centered. Each year I will get to know my unique students and base my teaching on the strengths and needs of my individual students. I believe in individualized instruction to reach students who all have very different strengths, needs, interests, learning styles, goals, etc. When students can make personal connections to their own lives or when their unique interests are being involved in their learning, I truly believe that this is when they desire to learn the most and are able to form deep connections and understandings. 


I have a true passion for working with my students to help them learn, grow, and succeed. I will do everything that I can to ensure that they reach their fullest potentials. When approaching assessment, I will always remember that learning can take many different forms and that all students learn and present their learning differently. The main purpose of assessment is to support student learning. This means using assessment for learning to drive discovery, connection, and understanding. Like instruction, I believe in differentiated assessment in my classroom. All students have different strengths and needs and will therefore perform differently as well. I believe in equity in my classroom and it is therefore my responsibility to ensure that all of my students have a fair opportunity to experience success. I will give students choice when it comes to their assessment so that I can incorporate all learning styles. I will always encourage my students to not be afraid of making mistakes, as this is a central part of the growing process. Lastly, I will provide ongoing feedback to my students to encourage them and assist them in any way that I can towards their success.


I will always approach each day with the proper preparation, intention, and purpose for both myself and my students to be successful. I know that the only way for me to be the best teacher than I can be for my students is by taking care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I will approach each day without holding onto the struggles of yesterday. When I am in the classroom, I will be fully present for my students as I hope that they would be for me as well. Lastly, I strive to teach my students beyond the four walls of our classroom. I will do everything in my power to teach my students about the world, about their lives, and about why we are all here. I want my students to be inspired to be who they are, and empowered to do what they can to make the world a better place. I want the learning that takes place in my classroom to teach my students to be good people outside of the four walls of the classroom as well. 

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”

Bob Talbert