Activity 3

Be the change – addressing problems within my community.


Social justice is often viewed on very large scales such as race or healthcare. We can also think about social justice within our own school or community. There are many challenges that certain people may face based on their appearance, abilities, resources (money), etc. These challenges may be centred around discrimination, accessibility, opportunity, socioeconomic status, etc.


For this activity you are going to identify and investigate a community problem and pose a solution. For example, I noticed that our school does not have a wheelchair ramp so if a student or community member that is in a wheelchair wants to come to our school they may have a lot of difficulty. My solution might be that we get a wheel chair ramp at our school. Your community problem can be about any situation that you think might be unfair to certain people.


Under activity 3 in your online learning centre booklet follow the following steps:

  1. Identify a community problem that you have observed within the community (school community or town/city).
  2. Explain why this is a problem and who it creates an unfair situation for.
  3. Propose a solution to this problem in detail.
  4. Explain exactly what this solution would look like, how it might come into place, and how it would help/solve the problem identified.