Sunflowers for the Soul

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have struggled with my mental health a lot over the past couple months. When I sat down for this painting session I knew that I wanted to do something very bright and colourful and happy. I have genuinely seen huge improvements in my mental health when painting and intentionally setting aside time in my day to create. I have always been a very artistic person and loved creating in any way that I could – art, dance, poetry, photography, video editing, etc. Now that I have never been as intentional with giving myself time to create, as I have been over the course of this inquiry project, I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. I will absolutely be continuing to paint upon completing this project as I have seen wonderful benefits to my wellbeing from creating in this way each week. As much as this project has been the kick start that I needed to come to this realization again, I think that creating on my own and not having any pressure of doing it for a grade will be even more freeing.

Anyways, back to this session. I was definitely not feeling my best today, and wanted to create something really happy. As usual, I did a quick Pinterest search to see if I could find anything that looked interesting. I found a beautiful painting of sunflowers that I thought was perfect. What is more happy than sunflowers? I also really liked that this painting had an intentional “messy” kind of look to it. I thought that this would reduce my need to take my time and be really precise – which I was not in the mood for today. I liked the idea of just kind of plopping some paint on the paper and seeing how it turned out – this was not an approach I have taken before. And as I am beginning to learn, I was so happy with the result! I absolutely loved how this one turned it. It is definitely in my top three favourites for sure.

That is a happy painting if I have ever saw one.

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