Anybody can be an Artist

This was my final painting session of this inquiry project. I wanted to try something that would be a bit of a challenge. This was another one that was really different than anything I have tried before. As always, I found my inspiration on Pinterest. This had been something that I have been wanting to try but never felt like I had to the time or skills to do something as detailed as this. I decided to try out a new environment for this session so I moved everything downstairs to work on my kitchen island. It is a much more spacious and bright area that I felt would give me a fresh perspective. I ended up really enjoying painting in the big and bright kitchen as opposed to my little closet/office area. I think a change of environment is extremely important for inspiration.

Ready to begin.

This was another one colour and one brush painting but I did some experimenting with shading using water and I really think that it worked! I have been having fun trying out a lot of different styles and techniques throughout this process and this was definitely one of my favourites! I followed the basic design of my inspiration picture but began to have fun with the shading and blending to really make the piece my own.

Progress is a process.

I was honestly shocked at how this painting was actually turning out. With very little experience and skill in the painting department I often feel like I will never be able to create dimension within my paintings and make them look realistic. It was so fun to try something so detailed but only using one colour. My confidence was definitely growing as this painting was really coming together.

The final product.

I was honestly so happy with how this one turned out. Like I said I was actually kind of shocked with how good it ended up looking. This was such a fun painting to create. With classes coming to an end and summer on the horizon I can feel myself becoming less and less stressed. This really helped me focus on only creating during this session and it totally worked out for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating this painting and felt extremely pleased with myself once I was finished with it. It feels so good to feel impressed with something that I created. This painting gave me so much confidence in my painting and made me so excited to continue painting moving forward.

I love this one.
My palette is a work of art in itself.

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