Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, it has been way too long since I have posted about my learning project. Honestly, March was the busiest month I have had in a long time in doing my pre-internship, school, and work! Aside from being extremely busy, I was also dealing with some other things behind the scenes that prevented me from posting or even wanting to post. Throughout the very busy past month I found myself not painting because I dreaded having to post about it. It was as if this experience that was meant to bring peace and healing had become another added stressor. So to overcome this, I decided to just paint as much as I want and not worry about creating a long, detailed post about it.

Giving myself the freedom to just paint and not worry about taking pictures of the process and post about it brought the joy back into painting that I had found in the beginning. I have created many different (good and bad) paintings over the course of this past month, more for my own enjoyment as opposed to for making a post about it. I have decided that for the rest of my time doing this learning project, I hope to do at least one or two more detailed posts about the experience of creating a painting and then I will just post an art gallery type of thing with a photo all anything else that I have painted over the course of this project. Of course, at the end I will follow up with a reflection about the overall process as well.

Lastly, for an update about how painting has impacted me emotionally. I would say that I definitely feel the benefits of creating art through painting while I am doing it. It is often very difficult for me to just shut everything off (including my brain) and just pause the crazy state of my life for a moment to create. However, when I do, I never regret it. During the painting process I feel my mind at ease and my creativity able to run wild. I feel peace over my entire body as I sit quietly and focus on just one thing without thinking about anything else going on for a little while. After painting I feel refreshed and ready to do whatever is next on my agenda. The benefits of painting have definitely felt therapeutic to me and have given me a new appreciation for creating art amidst the craziness of life.

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