A Mid-Project Reflection

Sitting down to paint again after a little while was actually pretty difficult. I am absolutely in those mid-winter blues and also in the deep end as far as uni goes, and I seem to have forgotten how to swim. I have definitely let my busy schedule combined with lack of motivation get the best of me this week. However, spring is finally on the horizon – the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the snow is finally melting. This has given me a renewed sense of peace and also inspiration. I have really noticed the way that the weather impacts my mood and overall being this week and have felt a deeper connection to nature because of it. This led me to wanting to paint something that encompassed my connection to nature and the happy memories that I have because of it. I decided to paint a classic Saskatchewan field. I have many fond memories working at my parents farm in the summer. I would often just pause what I was doing out in the middle of the field just to take it all in. This painting is a lovely depiction of what I see and feel out in one of my favourite places. A wide open field, mid summer, not a cloud in the sky, the fresh breeze, not a person or car in sight – freedom.

A prairie summer day.

Moving forward, I have decided that I am putting less pressure on myself to stick to a schedule. Lately, I have focused so much on being worried about if I am painting enough or when I will fit painting into my busy schedule. In a sense, I have ruined this experience for myself in a lot of ways. This session forced me to remember why I am doing this in the first place. Yes, I am doing this project as a requirement for a class that I am taking. But more than that, I am doing this because I am trying to experience the holistic benefits to painting nature. Art is healing – it forces you to form a connection between your body and your mind. When I am actually in the moment, creating the art, I feel this connection deeply. I feel so creative and free – almost child-like in a way. I feel at peace, and like nothing else matters in that moment. I feel like everything else going on in my life can wait and I can, if just for a moment, be fully present in the art and the expression of the experience. All the other noise in my life has been tainting this a little lately. Moving forward I will keep this in mind and continue to learn from this experience.

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