Beautiful Butterfly

This was by far my most successful session. I was actually shocked by how well my painting turned out. This was the first time that I used an image as inspiration. I scrolled through my camera roll on my phone and found a beautiful painting of a butterfly that I had saved. I absolutely loved the simplicity of it and the colour scheme as well. It was really detailed but also a little abstract, and over all just looked like something that I would be able to somewhat follow. I pulled out some colours that looked similar to the inspiration image and so I began. I started by painting my entire page a bit of a more peach type of shade as opposed to leaving it just white and began the black outline. I was really nervous to begin because I did not want to mess it up, but as I got going I become less worried about making it perfect and just went with what felt right.

The colour palette.
The beginning.

The process of creating this piece was unlike anything I had done previously. As I continued experimenting with different colours, shades, brushes, and techniques, I truly lost myself in the art. I was so fully involved and present, I was amazed as it all came together. The best part was the way that time flew by and before I even checked the clock, two hours had passed. Other times when I would sit down and paint I was much more aware of what I was doing (or trying to do) and how much time I had “left” to go. As my painting came together, I was so pleased (and a little shocked) with the results. I was entirely immersed in the process that by the end, when I was looking at the final product, I was pleasantly surprised with the way that it turned out.

The final product.
A close up.

Reflecting on the whole process of painting this butterfly, I would definitely like to try this one again later on. I am so, so happy with the way that it turned out, and like I said, actually a little shocked by how much it actually looks like a butterfly. One thing that I definitely noticed throughout the whole experience was that as I was closely using another photo for inspiration, I was very careful and precise with every single stroke that I made. I think that a painting such as this one would benefit from giving myself a little more freedom with it. If I were to do this painting again I would definitely just be a little more careless with it and more confident in my strokes, if you will. Overall, I really did feel at peace through this whole experience and thoroughly enjoyed myself for multiple hours. The satisfaction that I felt when I was able to appreciate the lovely painting that I was able to create was really rewarding. Butterfly’s are one of my favourite symbols of transformation, change, hope, and life. Through creating such a beautiful piece, I was really able to connect with this concept and nature in general. The overall joy, satisfaction, and connection that came with this session makes me so hopeful for the next time that I sit down and paint again.

The end.

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