Second Time’s the Charm

As for my second session of painting, it was much like the first. I began in very high spirits, with an idea in mind. I had saved this video a few months ago of this person doing a tutorial of how to paint flowers. I was in awe of how easy the process looked and how detailed and realistic the flowers looked. I was so sure that I could paint flowers just like the ones in the video. It was actually this video that inspired me to get my paints and also do to this project in the first place. Well, long story short when it actually came time to paint these anticipated flowers, I could not find the video. I think I searched for an hour until I finally settled on a video that was sort of the same idea. Needless to say, the video made it look about a million times easier than it actually was it get your flowers to look as detailed and realistic as the video looked. Lets just say, the video was not the problem here.

After attempting to do the same brush strokes and flowers as those in the video and mine looking quite literally nothing like the ones in the video, I turned off the video and just went my own way. I would say the only similarly between my flowers and the flowers in the video was maybe the colours, but barely. I decided to just fill the entire page with different coloured flowers. I practiced mixing colours and mixing in white to give the flowers different effects. By the time the entire page was covered in my attempt at flowers, I had created a whole garden of my own. I told myself that the reason that the flowers weren’t detailed and didn’t look real was because it was like you were looking at the garden from an airplane. All you could see was the general colours and shapes all sort of blending together into one pretty image.

It’s something alright.

After finishing this piece, I realized that I had used very similar colours as I had used last time. I decided that next time I am really going to try to change it up and bring in some greens, oranges, browns, etc. – more earthy tones as these are much more my vibe anyways. This session was another great learning experience for me. I was honestly feeling really frustrated when my flowers looked nothing like the ones in the video. The video made it seem so, so easy and I just couldn’t understand why I was so incapable. But as I let go of my expectations and just created, I was able to really enjoy the moment that I was in and the experience. I have really been finding that practicing art in this way has helped me be more “in the moment” and present in what I am doing. It challenges my body and my mind. Though I experience frustration regarding my abilities and expectations, I am still finding a lot of serenity and peace in sitting in my closet, listening to my records, and just creating. It can only go up from here!

The blend.

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