Contribution to the Learning of Others

This is my summary of my contribution to the learning of others for EDTC 300. The two main places where I contributed to the learning of others was on twitter and on my blog. I will include some screenshots for examples of my contributions near the end, but there will be many more links to everything all throughout this post as well.

Week 1 (May 3rd– 9th

            This week I did not really contribute to the learning of my classmates as I was too busy learning myself. This week we were just getting everything figured out for the class and setting up our zoom, slack, twitter, etc. accounts to use to do so. I had not had a lot of previous experience with any EdTech tools so I really had to learn how to use these tools myself. I posted on twitter about my blog so that my followers were able to find my blog posts and learning project posts for this class. I also followed many accounts on twitter including those of my classmates and other educators so increase my Personal Learning Network (PLN). 

Week 2 (May 10th-16th)

            This week I posted multiple articles on twitter. These included articles about: Distanced Learning, Mental Health, and Visions for the Future of Schools. I also replied to many articles that others had shared as well. I also wrote a blog post all about myself and my experiences, opinions, goals all about using technology for educational purposes. I also commented on Julia, Annissa, Shelly and Sarah’s blog posts. I also attended saskedchat on twitter and gained many new people to follow/followers to connect with, including the founder of saskedchat, Kelly Christopherson.

Week 3 (May 17th– 23rd)

            This week I posted an article to my twitter to share resources and information with my EDTC 300 class. These included topics such as: Focus/Productivity, Optimizing Time, Online Resources, Instruction Differentiation, Brain Breaks, Thriving with Distanced Learning, and Reducing Workload. I also replied to many articles that others had shared as well. I also wrote a blog post about my projections for teaching and learning in the fall, as well as what I think education might look like in 2025. I also wrote a blog post all about Twitter and using it as a professional development tool, as well as my opinion on using Twitter in the classroom! I also commented on Cassie, Madeline , April, and Jordan’s blog posts. I have continued to expand my PLN by gaining valuable accounts to follow and interact with. 

Week 4 (May 24th– 30th)

            This week I shared many useful resources on twitter including topics such as: Virtual Teaching, Googling instead of Thinking, Pros and Cons of Tech in the Classroom, Growth Mindset, Screencastify, Engagement, and Documenting History. I also wrote a blog post on our changing technological world and the participatory culture that we are living in. I also wrote a blog post all about how to use Powtoon and my opinion of it as a valuable resource to use in teaching and learning. I did a screencast for a quick tutorial explaining exactly how I used this tool to create my learning project video for this week, so others can use it too! I also commented on Kaeli, Tamantha, Meegan, and Stevie’s blog posts this week with constrictive and encouraging comments!

Week 5 (May 31st– June 6th)

            This week I shared many more resources on twitter including topics such as: Remote Learning, Public Statements, Images, along with many various retweets sharing various images and resources directly on twitter! I also wrote a blog post all about teachers’ responsibility to model active digital citizenship and anti-oppressive education in digital spaces. I feel this was a very important topic to speak on! I also commented on Jordan, Sarah, Kendyll, and Carmel’s blogs with constructive and encouraging  comments.  

Week 6 (June 7th– 13th)

           This week I shared many valuable resources on twitter about topics such as: Webinars, YouTube, Online Resources for Children, Schools Reopening, and Connection. I wrote a blog post about my experience cyber-sleuthing a fellow classmate and the importance of creating a positive digital identity and online presence.  I think that my commenting on her digital identity (as far as what I could find) definitely would have contributed to her learning in how she could improve her digital identity, as hers did for me! I also wrote a blog post all about the importance of digital literacy and scoping out fake news. I also commented on Tracey, Lochlin, Mikaela, and Raylin’s blogs with helpful comments for encouragement and improvement. This week I attended #edadventures Adventures in teaching chat and gained more valuable people to network with and shared many ideas of my own to try and assist others as well!

Week 7 (June 14th– 17th

            This was the final week of EDTC 300. I shared resources about Studying, Communication, Tech Tools, Books about Racism, and Marking the End of School. As well retweeting many other valuable resources right on twitter and replying to those shared by my classmates! I wrote a blog post all about coding, what I think about it, and also demonstrating my own experience doing it. I also created my own summary of learning video and posted it to my blog to demonstrate everything that I have learned over the past 7 weeks all summed up into 6 minutes! I also wrote blog posts about I also commented on some final blog posts from Madeline, Lydia, Kaeli, and Frank.

Overview of how I contributed to the learning of others during this class:

  • I replied back to every comment on my blog being active in keeping the conversation going!
  • I commented on the blog posts of many of my classmates with encouraging and helpful comments!
  • I posted 2 blog posts each week that were directly related to the topics we discussed each class to give my informed opinion on the matter and share more resources!

  • I was active on twitter almost every single day sharing resources, commenting on the posts of others, chatting with other fellow classmates and educators, and continuously following those who followed me and reaching out to follow others to increase my PLN and really start my lifelong journey of networking online!

This class has encouraged me to be more active on social media than ever before. Before this class I was mainly just a “lurker”, never really contributing anything to the conversation. I also had never had a “professional” or career based social media account and had never interacted with other professionals in my field. This class definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to interact with others in my future field in a professional and educational manner. This class has given me a voice online that I have never had before. I am looking forward to increasing my PLN and continuing to contribute to the conversation and give as much to online spaces, as I take away from them!

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