Summary of Learning

Below is my summary of learning video for EDTC 300. I used Animoto to make my video!

This class completely changed the way that I view technology. I also gained tons of valuable resources that I will definitely be using in my future education career. I cannot imagine having not taken this class, as it has inspired me in the way that I use technology for the better and opened my eyes to a whole new world of professionalism online! 10/10 recommend.

Sources for Images used in video:


Social Media 





Twitter Networking 



Digital Identity 




Online Resources 


Google Docs 


Duck Duck Go 




Twitter Chat 

One Tab 

Praticipatory Culture 


Digital Citizenship 


Cyber Sleuthing 

Fake News 


8 thoughts on “Summary of Learning”

  1. Hi Caitlin. Awesome video. I also share your thoughts about Twitter, and how useful it has become for me in finding resources and other teachers to connect with. I have used it before but only for things like news and sports, never for educational purposes. You summarized that class very well and outlined how important digital citizenship is, and presenting yourself in a professional manner on the internet. Well done!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your learning journey! I agree with the class environment being friendly and inviting:) I have never used Animoto, I have gave to give it a try. Hope to see you on Twitter goi g forward.

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    1. Thanks Shelley! Animoto was super easy to use I would definitely recommend. I look forward to continuing to interact on twitter as well! Good luck in your future teaching career!


  3. Thanks for sharing Caitlin. I also think this class has been amazing. Other than Microsoft Office and some Google Tools, Tech used to scare me and so I avoided incorporating it in my lessons. I am really looking forward to how my teaching will change.

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