The Plan

Prior to deciding what guitar to buy I did a lot of research online. I searched many websites to find the best beginner guitar for an affordable price. I wanted to get something that was easy to use for beginners but was still a good guitar overall that would last me a long time as I improve. I also wanted to get something that wouldn’t break the bank, as there’s no way to know that this is something I will enjoy doing until I try, and because of this, an affordable option is always a good choice for beginners. I read many online reviews to ensure that my choice was a good guitar overall, reasonable for the price, and would be everything that I needed for my new hobby. Websites like guitar fella and guitar habits helped a lot provided all the information that a beginner would need to know purchasing their first guitar and everything that you would need to know to have the best experience possible. Other similar websites that provided lots of information were music radar, music critic, guitar world and guitar habits. All of these websites combined gave me a very thorough basic understanding of everything I would need to know as a beginner guitar player. After decided on a guitar I of course, read many, many google reviews from real people, just to be sure. I decided on the Ibanez AW54OPN and put an order in on Red One Music, with much anticipation. I plan on using a variety of online sources to learn the basics of playing the guitar. I imagine I will primarily be using YouTube as the options are truly endless when it comes to beginner guitar videos on there. I also downloaded a few apps to help me as well such as Yousician, ultimate guitar, simply guitar and fender play, all of which I will update you on regarding usability, helpfulness and affordability. I also downloaded the apps fender tune and guitar tuner pro, to help me with tuning my guitar. It is amazing to me all of the resources out there that are solely online and often free, to help you learn a new hobby, as opposed to taking guitar lessons in person, purchasing add on items such as guitar tuners, buying physical books for instruction, etc. The internet is truly amazing!

I plan to do weekly updates on my blog and on twitter with my progress, what I am learning/have learned, and my feelings about the whole experience. I will include a video update of my progress and also mention and review all online sources that I use each week. I plan to begin with learning the different chords, strumming, etc. Then hopefully moving onto basic melodies. Setting goals is always a necessity in learning a new hobby in order to track your progress and see how far you have come. Since I will be tracking the progress of my learning project over the course of the six weeks I will be taking this class, I hope that by the end of the six weeks I will be able to play some sort of something that sounds like a piece of a song by the end of the class. I cannot really set clear goals of exactly where I want to be in six weeks because I have quite literally never held a guitar for actual playing purposes, but I plan to set more clear goals along the way as I learn from online sources for beginners. Learning to play the guitar, or any instrument, takes extreme time, effort, dedication, and commitment and for the purposes of this class and hopefully a future hobby, I am really looking forward to seeing what I can do in six weeks. That is, if my guitar comes into the mail anytime soon… 

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