Jumping in Feet First

According to a simple google search, jumping in feet first means to begin or undertake something quickly, enthusiastically, and without trepidation. And that is exactly what I am doing for my learning project for my EDTC 300 class. Upon first hearing that a great portion of this class was based on us completing a learning project of our choice and documenting the process, I was both eager and anxious. As a young adult growing up in my generation, I have learned many, many things from internet sources, from baking a cake to jump starting my car. Every single day of my life I google search how to do at least one thing, probably multiple. When considering this assignment, it dawned on me that I so often intake so much information and knowledge from internet sources without even being consciously aware of the learning that is occurring. We have access to endless free knowledge at the tips of our fingers, it is truly an fascinating era to be growing up in. I can quite literally gain the information and instruction to learn anything that I can even imagine in a matter of seconds. That is truly inspiring and overwhelming, all at the same time. However, this class has really opened my eyes to the opportunity that I have because of the internet, and encouraged me take advantage of it!

In attempting to decide what I should do for my learning project many different ideas came to mind. In the newly acquired plethora of free time that I have had due to the shut-down of our province, I have been putting a lot more energy into my hobbies such as health and fitness, language, reading, music and poetry. These hobbies inspired my mental list of options as I was sure that in order to truly enjoy this assignment and take away as much as I could from it, I was going to have to choose something that I am both interested in and desire to actually learn how to do. Many options came to mind such as learning another language, playing guitar or piano, health food cooking and baking, etc. The fact that we could choose quite literally anything that we wanted to, made it very difficult to choose. This type of ambiguity is often a struggle for me throughout my educational journey, as I am an extremely indecisive person. Since I ordered myself a new guitar about a week before the commencement of this class, without having any knowledge of this assignment, I thought that learning to play the guitar would be a perfect choice for me, as I planned on learning this new hobby anyways. I was also planning to primarily base my learning on online sources, so this seemed to be the perfect fit for me. 

I just had one, small, issue. My guitar has not come in the mail yet. So please don’t be alarmed if I completely change my project to something else, as it is hard to learn to play the guitar, without a guitar. However, I am feeling really determined to use this as my learning project, so let’s just hope the shipping Gods are on my side. 

So, my starting point. I have never touched a guitar in my life. I have always watched people do acoustic covers of songs and wished that I could do that. Learning to play the guitar is something that I have always wanted to do for as long as I can remember, ever since I felt the fascination of first seeing a guitar sitting on a Walmart shelf and wished for one of my own. I have always loved music and been surrounded by it my entire life. Learning a new instrument takes time and commitment that I wish I would have dedicated more of throughout my young life. I played the piano for many years and I knew that I was capable if I would just commit to it. Just recently, I made the decision, “I am going to really, actually do this thing”. So, welcome to my journey of learning to play the guitar.

5 thoughts on “Jumping in Feet First”

  1. I so relate to you on the ambiguity level. I have started and changed my mind on many assignments making them more difficult than the should be …. but I want it to be just the right one! I love your choice of the guitar. Be ready to have sore fingertips! Happy strumming

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  2. This makes me so excited Caitlin. I picked up my dad’s guitar a year ago and brought it to university and taught myself. It’s such a wonderful instrument to learn and I really hope yours comes in so you get this opportunity. There are so many wonderful resources online, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

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    1. Thanks Brianne! I am so excited to begin. I’ve been needing a new positive hobby and it just feels like the perfect fit! It’s also amazing to me just how many resources there are online for it. I definitely have no excuses to not keep up with it when there’s so many resources that I have access to!

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