New to This

Hey everyone! I’m Caitlin Kendall, originally from the very small town of Carrot River, Saskatchewan but I’ve been living in Regina for the past 4 years while attending the University of Regina. I just finished my Bachelor of Arts, with a Sociology major and Religious Studies and Indigenous Studies minors. I am now taking the Bachelor of Education After Degree program (BEAD) in Elementary Education. I have had very little experience with educational technologies as I have never had a blog, used slack or even been in a zoom meeting, until taking this class. URCourses and Powerpoint slides was about the extent of my educational technology experience. I am really looking forward to learning about all of these new educational platforms, especially in creating a blog, and using all of the knowledge that I will gain in my future endeavours as an educator. However, I have very little idea what I am doing when it comes to blogging, so please bear with me! You can follow my twitter for more updates on my experience in EDTC 300 and my learning project!

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